May 1 — Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan!


April 30, 2015

DPD Team wishes you a happy holiday:

May 1 — Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan!

Please be informed about the open hours of our company:

May, 1st, May, 2nd, May, 3rd — national holidays!

Celebration of the Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan — a multiethnic country, which is home to more than 150 nationalities. For the cohesion of these peoples our government rolls out various activities, including the celebration of the Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan.

The official day of the holiday – May, 1st. In Soviet era, this day celebrates the holiday of solidarity of all workers. Today — a celebration of the unity of all the peoples living on the territory of Kazakhstan. This colorful spring festival celebrates in every city in Kazakhstan. There are parades and processions through the central streets of cities, as well as numerous entertainment activities.

It is important, that the celebration involves various cultural centers, in order to familiarize the people of Kazakhstan with the traditions of other nations. Cheerful dances, sporting events — all this makes the event one of the brightest and most favorite holidays for people of Kazakhstan.

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