Shipping Notes into Kazakhstan

There are a few things for you to take care of when preparing your DPD International parcel for shipping into Kazakhstan:

  • Ensure that your shipment does not contain prohibited goods
  • Double-check that the quantity of goods you ship is in line with the following requirements:
    • if you are a business shipper (legal entity), the quantity of goods corresponds to a non-contract shipment;
    • if you are a private shipper, the quantity of goods corresponds to usage of the goods for personal, family, household and other needs not related to business or entrepreneurial activities
  • Make sure that the weight and dimensions of your shipment are in line with the following requirements:
    • Maximum weight:
    • Maximum length:
    • Maximum girth ((2 x width + 2 x height) + length):
    • If the weight and / or dimensions of your parcel exceed the above values, our consultant will be happy to advise you on the possibility of shipping your parcel
  • To ensure that the the shipment is safely packed for transport,take a look at our packing guide
  • Ensure you have a customer number of DPD Kazakhstan and a valid customer agreement for international shipping
  • Take a look at the information about accompanying documents required for shipping
  • Completing a booking request form, and e-mail the booking request as well as a completed Proforma Invoice to

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